Dr Aldo Nicosia


Aldo Nicosia is a Molecular Biologist and PhD in Cellular and Developmental Biology working as researcher at the Italian National Research Council with expertise in genomics and gene expression. At present, he is also contract Assistant Professor in Biomolecular and Bioinformatic Methodologies at University of Palermo.
The research interests are in the area of molecular and genome biology applied to developmental, translational and biomedical researches. Bioinformatics and computational biology analyses are exploited to unveil mechanisms of transcriptional regulation and for investigating the relationship between structure and function of any biomacromolecule.
Cellular and animal model systems are currently used supporting applications in transplantation and regenerative medicine as well as development of nanosystems as supports in the therapeutic treatment of breast cancer. He is currently member of the Marine Biotechnology Editorial Board, section of Frontiers in Marine Science, and acts as reviewer for diverse international journals.

Immunology and inflammation

Research Activities
- Analysis of transgenerational inheritance as results of environmental stress in the model system P. lividus;
- Pathway focused gene expression profiling in human cancer cell lines in response to drug delivery via nanosystems;
- Development of procedures for cell therapy and tissue engineering;
- Development of improved molecular tools for genetic engineering of GRAS bacteria and their exploitation for in vivo expression and delivery of therapeutic molecules, including antibodies for cancer immunotherapy;
- Analysis and targeting of virulence mechanisms in human pathogenic bacteria.