Dr. Antonio Qualtieri


Researcher at Insitute for Biomedical Research and Innovation.
Dr. Qualtieri, graduated in Biological Sciences with honors in 1981 at the University of Naples, he attended the UNICAL Organic Chemistry Laboratory in 1982 where he acquired skills in the synthesis of bio-organic compounds. He obtained the qualification to practice as Biologist in 1984 by carrying out a two-year chemical-clinical-haematological training. From 1984 to 1999 he was in permanent service at T.I. at the Center for Thalessima in Cosenza where he carries out diagnostic and bio-molecular research activities in the field of erythrocyte diseases, mainly genetic, in collaboration with the CNR-ISMEC. There are numerous abnormal Hb and new genetic defects of enzymes and erythrocyte cytoskeletal proteins that he identifies and delivers in the literature. In 2001 he became a researcher at T.I. at the ISN of the CNR of Mangone (Cosenza) and head of the Molecular Pathology laboratory which includes a unit of Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry. Specialized in Clinical Pathology, he directs his activity, as project manager of the CNR, to the bio-molecular and cellular study of diseases of the nervous system. Among other things, he identifies a new “intra-vitam” biomarker for human prion disease in CSF. He was a member of the teaching staff of the University of Calabria, Catanzaro and Messina and was responsible for the Chemical-Clinical-Toxicological sector of the ISN. Currently his research activity is aimed at the study of some Rare Diseases of the nervous system such as CADASIL and PKAN, at the identification of Post-Translational Histonic Modifications (PTM) by mass spectrometry and the use of in vitro Nanopharmaceuticals in the context of departmental project of the CNR ME.P02.P012. He recently developed a protocol for the production of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (IPSc) from immortalized EBV human lymphocytes.