Dr Elena Lo Presti


Education:Bachelor's Degree in Science of Biology and Master Degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology at the University of Palermo. PhD in International of Immunopharmacology with abroad experience at King’s College London, Guy’s Hospital in 2014. Selected to attend the International Summer School of Immunology at RIKEN in Yokohama (Japan).
She is a reviewer for several international journals of immunology (CRI, Frontiers in Immunology, JTRM..etc) from 2017 to date. She participated at the International and Nation congress in Immunology as a speaker of oral and poster presentations.
She won the following travel grants: ICI 2013(Milano), gd T cells conference 2018 (Bordeaux), and Congress of Translational Medicine 2019 (Milano). She is a subject expert in Immunology (MED/04) at the University of Palermo. She has been the tutor of several students attending the Medical and Surgery School and Biotechnology School of the University of Palermo. She was involved in clinical care with immunology tests for the Immunophenotipization and oncoematology diagnosis.

Research Interests:
- To analyze the percentage, phenotype, and functions of infiltrating immune cells involved in cancer immunosurveillance.;
- To find new biomarkers to adapt them in immunotherapy for subjects that have a tumor with a poor prognosis;
- To study the main mechanisms of resistance to immunotherapy in subjects with inflammatory bowel disease.

Projects currently funded:

-DSB.AD001.103 Cancer Immunology.