Large participation at the “Green Spaces and Health” Workshop held for the National Tree Day (IRIB CNR Palermo-RIAS Project)

Large participation at the “Green Spaces and Health” Workshop held for the National Tree Day (IRIB CNR Palermo-RIAS Project)

Online Workshop November 17–19, 2021

CNR Institute for Biomedical Research and Innovation in Palermo, as part of the Italian Network Environment and Health (RIAS) under the CCM programs of the Ministry of Health has organized from November 17 to November 19 an on-line workshop called “Green Spaces and Health”.

The workshop has been attended by 60 technicians from: Superior Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (Ispra), CNR, Regional Agency for the Protection of the Environment (ARPA), Regions, Provincial Health Authority (ASP) and Local Health Authority (ASL).

The workshop has provided 3 sessions in which were given notions about the definition and characterization of green spaces and the current evidences on the effects of the environment on human health and potential mechanisms of action. There were also involved university professors and researchers, experts in the fields of architecture, botany, biology, allergology and statistics.

The Director of the Prevention of Chemical, Physical and Biological Risk and Promotion of Environmental Health, Occupational Health and Safety, of the Italian Ministry of Health, Pasqualino Rossi, who participated in the discussion of the first day, highlighted the importance of the topics in tune with the spirit of the National Tree Day, which was established in 2013 to protect nature and Italy’s botanical wealth

The workshop, which was highly appreciated by participants, highlighted the need for a multidisciplinary approach that combines the skills of different professionals to design nature-based solutions that can have a beneficial effect on health. Indeed, a multidisciplinary approach would facilitate the design of tomorrow’s cities. In the future, botanists and allergists should work together for the targeted introduction in parks, gardens and avenues of species considered to be low allergenicity, for example by introducing female plants and male-sterile varieties, i.e. not pollen-producing. The contribution of architects and engineers is also necessary for the application of urban policy measures that include a careful policy of design and maintenance of urban green spaces.


The Scientific Secretary:

Carla Ancona, Giovanna Cilluffo, Salvatore Fasola, Francesco Forastiere, Stefania La Grutta, Giovanni Viegi.

Organisation offices :

Carla Ancona DEPLazio, Giuseppe Cuffari, ARPA Sicilia, Paolo Inglese UNIPA, Velia Malizia IRIB-CNR, Salvatore Scondotto DASOE, Stefania La Grutta IRIB-CNR.

Local Organizing Committee:

Donatella Spera IRIB-CNR, Pietro Cambria IBF-CNR.

Website Communication:

Anna Bonomolo IRIB-CNR, Alessandro Pensato IRIB-CNR, Mauro Biondo IRIB-CNR.