Dr Mariamena Arbitrio

Catanzaro's Section Manager

Graduated in Medicine and Surgery and Specialist in Clinical Pharmacology. She achieved the II level Master in "Medicine for Drug Addiction, Alcoholism and Related Pathologies" and the one in "Design and conduct of clinical studies".
Since 1997 she is a researcher at the National Research Council at the Institute for Biomedical Research and Innovation, secondary section of Catanzaro, of which she is the head since July 2020.
Since 2018 she is the clinical pharmacologist of the Phase I Center of the Mater Domini AOU of Catanzaro, authorized by AIFA for First-in-Human studies and member of the Clinical Trial Quality Team within the organization chart of the same Center.
Her scientific activity is currently focused on pharmacogenomic studies through the use of molecular profiling technologies and computational and bioinformatic analysis models for the identification of polymorphic variants of ADME genes, for the validation of predictive biomarkers of pharmacological efficacy or toxicity for personalization of the treatment.
Furthermore, she has also focused attention on the development of advanced preclinical models for the identification of innovative therapies to be translated into clinical trials on humans.