Seminars Team

Desired and supported by Director Andrea De Gaetano, to meet the needs to develop and promote collaborative activities within our Institute.
We are a group of colleagues who, in collaboration with each of you, would like to initiate a series of seminars that would give you the opportunity both to get to know colleagues from the various locations and to encourage the exchange of know-how.

We have chosen to organize the seminars within the four main thematic areas that characterise the research activities of IRIB (see attachment), but we also welcome translational proposals from related scientific fields and special proposals that allow you to think out of the box. A series of Institute seminars is also useful to keep the scientific dialogue open and to stimulate the intellectual vivacity of the interlocutors, so in addition to soliciting your availability and candidature, we also ask you to propose external speakers (including foreigners) whom we can invite ourselves or you directly.
The seminars will be of a maximum of 30 minutes and will be managed using TEAMS platform.
Actually, we plan to organise one monthly seminar which will be on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 14.30.
In addition to the seminars, our Team is also working to organise a series of round table discussions to explore some topics that might be of interest to IRIB staff.
We hope we can count on your help and would appreciate it if you could contact us for more information and to send us your proposals.


Our Team: