Dr Irene Deidda


Studies and work experience:2004, Degree in Biological Sciences (five years), biomolecular specialization from the University of Palermo. 2005, Qualification to practice as a Biologist. 2005-2009, Specialization in Clinical Pathology (five years) at the University of Palermo.
2011-2014, Research fellowship under the MERIT-FIRB research program "Molecular basis in degenerative syndromes related to aging" at the Institute of Biomedicine and Molecular Immunology (IBIM) "A. Monroy ”, CNR Palermo.
2014-2018,Fixed-term researcher in the project "HIPPOCRATES" Development of Micro and Nanotechnologies and Advanced Systems for Human Health "at the IBIM-CNR Palermo. Since December 2018 Researcher with permanent contract at the current IRIB-CNR Institute.

Thematic area of ​​belonging: Cellular and molecular biology and biotechnology.

Research Activity:

- Study of pathogenetic mechanisms in in vivo and in vitro models of retinal degeneration and characterization of possible neuroprotection targets.
- Study of chemical and physical neurotoxicity using the sea urchin as a model system.
- Morphological study and histochemical and biochemical analysis of animal tissues.


-International patent N. PCT / IB2015 / 057732. Blanco AR, Bondi 'ML, Cavallaro G, Consoli GML, Craparo EF, Giammona G, Licciardi M, Pitarresi G, Granata G, Saladino P, La Marca C, Deidda I, Papasergi S, Guarneri P, Cuzzucrea S, Esposito E, Viola S. Nanostructured formulations for the delivery of silibinin and other active ingredients for treating ocular diseases, 2015.