Dr Sara Genovese

Technologist with administration skills

Dr. Sara Genovese was born in Messina on 30/12/69. On 25 July 1994 he obtained a degree in Economics and Business at the University of Messina, on 23 November 1996 he received the Qualification to the profession of chartered accountant at the University of Messina. From 15/10/1999 is entered in the Register of Auditors. From December 15, 2010 was taken with the employment contract of indefinite duration with profile Technologist at the National Research Council. Has developed an extensive knowledge in the fields of: Business Plan, Structural Funds, Community Funding, Incentives national funding for the internationalization and research, and has always played a role management through the planning and implementation , monitoring the progress with the detection and control with the analysis of variances, Projects and Research activities arising from the use of resources and financing instruments such as International Projects, European and national, in some cases having held senior technical and administrative coordination, handling relations with the Scientific Partners with the European Community and with the representatives of technical and administrative project. In terms of technology transfer, also participates in the utilization of the results of research undertaken by the Institute in terms of technical and commercial. In fact manages the relationships with the companies in order to generate real innovative processes in production and try to exploit commercially the results of the research.