Dr Stefania Gismondo

Administration Assistant

Stefania Gismondo en

Stefania Gismondo, holder of a permanent employment contract as Administrative Collaborator Profile, VII Level, since December 2018, has been working on temporary assignment since 21/07/2021 at the Institute for Research and Innovation Biomedical CNR in Messina. Before her activities at IRIB-CNR in Messina, she was responsible for the reporting activities of Regional and National Projects, Bilateral projects, projects financed by the Ministry of Economic Development. She was responsible for managing staff attendance, and for managing expenditure orders on the MEPA platform. She took part in the commissions for staff recruitment, covering the role of secretary. In December 2020, she has been enabled as the Sole Responsible of the Procedure for Services and Supplies award procedures, for an amount of less than € 40.000, in the National Register of RUP of the CNR.