Mr Luca Caruana


Technician V LEV. at I.R.I.B. C.N.R. of Palermo.
In 1997 he obtained the Diploma of Industrial Technician in Electronics and Telecommunications. In 2001 he obtained the professional title of Underwater Ecological Technician (Underwater, marine biology, photography and ecology). In 2004 he obtained the professional title of Technician for the monitoring of the marine environment (Marine biology, ecology, geology, oceanography).

Work Skills:
- Management of model organisms (cells, sea urchins).
- Scientific dissemination with participation in national and international events (EBW2020, Futuro Remoto 2020, Rome Video Game Lab 2020, TIME4CHILD2020).
- Scientific technical support to the group.
- Production of recombinant proteins.
- Ecotoxicology.
- Cell cultures.
- Murine brain dissection.
- Recognition and processing of pelagic fish species.
- Ichthioplankton and Mesozooplankton recognition.
- Sampling activities (sediment, plankton, water and pelagic species).


-Member of the Security Commission.
- Contact person for the management of special waste.
- CONSIP-MEPA Instructor Point
- Marlab laboratory manager.
- Co-Head of the Radio-Isotope laboratory.

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