Dr. Simone Luca Lanucara


My research activity on the interoperability and harmonization of heterogeneous geospatial data from different application and research domains began at the Institute for Electromagnetic Detection of the Environment of the National Research Council of Milan in 2014. research are continued there until 2020 thanks to the participation in international, European and national research projects and networks. In 2018 I obtained a I level Master and in 2021 I obtained the title of PhD with a thesis entitled: "Web-Based Spatial Decision Support System for Precision Agriculture: a Support Tool for delineating Dynamic Management Unit Zones ". Since March 2022, I have continued my research at the Institute for Biomedical Research and Innovation of the National Research Council in Messina. I am an active member of various international communities such as the Free and Open Source for GIS (FOSS4G) which aim to disseminate territorial information systems and international interoperability standards both of the Open GeoSpatial Consortium and the International Organization for Standardization.