Domenico Nuzzo et al. è tra Best Holiday Preprints of 2021 on Research Square.

Domenico Nuzzo et al. è tra Best Holiday Preprints of 2021 on Research Square.

Dott.Domenico Nuzzo

Best Holiday Preprints of 2021

We searched our 120,000-plus preprints using terms of the Holiday season, like turkey and mistletoe. To make the season bright, we’re featuring some of the more fascinating research we’ve discovered.

A Collection of Holiday Themed Preprints on Research Square

From astronomy to zoology and hundreds of disciplines in between, researchers from a wide variety of backgrounds post their manuscripts on Research Square. This, coupled with the large volume of 120,000-plus preprints posted on our platform to date, means that users can find some very interesting and novel topics among Research Square’s search results.

With this in mind, we decided to search our own Research Square platform for terms associated with the Holiday season.

What we found were some fascinating research topics from across the world, like a study testing the use of a Mistletoe extract for its potential use in chemotherapy, an investigation on the effects of Boswellic Acid (aka frankincense) and myrrh on ischemic stroke in rats, and various studies on foods associated with the holiday season.

We hope you enjoy our 12 preprint picks for this holiday season, and we encourage you to conduct your own search for new and novel studies in your own area of interest.

A Gluten-free Biscuit Fortified with Lemon IntegroPectin by Domenico Nuzzo, et al. Italy.

Per informazioni: Domenico Nuzzo, Cnr-Irib di Palermo,;