Mr Alessandro Pensato


Technician VI Lev. at I.R.I.B. C.N.R. of Palermo.
- IT technical support related to administrative activities.
- Development/maintenance/adaptation of O.M.S. solution named SiGeO.
- Technical support of HR management activities.
- Management of the Hw and network infrastructure.
- Management and technical assistance services for the IT infrastructure (DNS server, VMWare Machines, email, Single Sign-On, bare-metal server, etc).

Tasks and positions

- Office Protocol System Admin
- Member of working group “Information Technologies (IT)
- Member of working group “IT Technical Support for the Management of On-line Seminars”.
- Member of working group “IRIB Website management and support for the server side”.
- Designation of Technical Support in head of the authorization procedure .
-Technical reference person for ePAS HR management system .

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