Dr Andrea De Gaetano

Director of CNR IRIB

Andrea De Gaetano, a Director of Research with CNR IASI and current Director of CNR IRIB, is a surgeon, mathematician and lawyer with a long experience of coordinating biomedical research groups, obtaining funded projects and producing publications. His characteristic strength is rapidly understanding diverse medical research problems; facilitating communication and organizing investigation groups including medical doctors, mathematicians/statisticians and software engineers; designing and delivering mathematical, statistical and computational solutions.


Andrea De Gaetano is a CNR Director of Research. His work has focused on the mathematical modelling of physiological processes (mainly energy metabolism) and on different aspects of model identification.
He holds an MD and Emergency Surgery specialty, an M.Sc.(USA) and PhD (France) in Applied Math, a JD and Italian Bar license, a DHC (biostatistics, Hungary).
He is Adjunct Professor of Mathematical Statistics at Mahidol University Dept. of Mathematics, Bangkok and Distinguished Professor at Obuda University, Budapest.