Dr Sebastiano Cavallaro

Research Director

I received a medical degree at the University of Catania (Italy) and later completed a residency in Neurology in the same university and a Ph.D. in Anatomy and Cell Biology at Georgetown University (Washington, DC, USA). I worked at the National Institutes of Health (Bethesda, MD, USA) and at the Blanchette Rockefeller Neurosciences Institute (Rockville, MD, USA). Since 1997, I work at the Italian National Research Council (CNR) where I directed the Institute of Neurological Sciences. During my career, I have supervised and supported the activity of more than 80 students or post-docs, authored more than 150 publications and participated in the editorial board of nine peer reviewed journals.

Research activity:
biological and genomic aspects of neurodegeneration, preclinical validation of drug targets, development and testing of sensors for real-time monitoring of ambient, personal biometric data and DNA.