Dr David Vagni


I am theoretical physicist specialised n complexity theory, I obtained a second master's degree in scientific computing and a third degree in psychology and health, I later studied learning sciences. My training and research activity has a strongly interdisciplinary character and focuses on the application of dynamic systems and complexity theory in fields such as neuroscience, psychology and sociology. I have been involved in various publications in the field of economics and management and in scientific and social dissemination through articles in national newspapers. I am a member of the AGENAS register of experts in the clinical-organisational, research and international relations sectors and have trained over 15,000 professionals in over 100 national and international training events. I deal with autism and I am author of several articles on the subject. In this field, my scientific interest is focused on cognitive-behavioural therapies, affective neuroscience and psychometrics. As a technologist, I deal with programming online experiments, data analysis, organisation of events and privacy regulations.