Dr Francesca Zito


Graduation in Biological Sciences, University of Palermo (1987).
2011-2014, Research fellowship under the MERIT-FIRB research program "Molecular basis in degenerative syndromes related to aging" at the Institute of Biomedicine and Molecular Immunology (IBIM) "A. Monroy ”, CNR Palermo.
Qualification to the profession of Biologist (1988). PhD in Cell Biology (Cellular and Developmental Biology), University of Palermo (1995).
Temporary researcher, Institute of Developmental Biology, CNR Palermo (1994-1997). Since 1998, permanent researcher, currently in service at IRIB-CNR, Palermo. Since 2016, head of the "Biomolecular, cellular and stress studies" laboratory. Project manager.

Thematic area: Developmental, cellular and molecular biology, biotechnology

Research Topics:

- Study of molecules and signaling pathways involved in the differentiation of osteoclasts.
- Study of the mechanisms and signaling pathways of cellular stress caused by physical, chemical and biochemical agents in sea urchin embryos.
- Evaluation of the molecular effects of natural and synthetic bioactive compounds in cellular and animal models aimed at translational research.

Participation in projects currently funded:

- ENBA, European Network of Bioadhesion Expertise: fundamental knowledge to inspire advanced bonding technologies. COST Action CA15216 (2016-2020). Funding source: European Community. http://www.enba4.eu/
- MARISTEM, Stem cells of marine / aquatic invertebrates: from basic research to innovative applications. COST Action CA16203 (2017-2021). Funding source: European Community. http://maristem.eu/