Dr Marcello Tagliavia


Marcello Tagliavia is a biologist, with a specialization in Genetics and Molecular Biology; he has acquired the title of PhD in "Cellular and Developmental Biology".
title of PhD in "Cellular and Developmental Biology". His research has been focused on microbial genetics (study of gene expression in bacteria, focusing on relationships between transcription, translation and mRNA metabolism), profiling of microbial communities, genetic analyses and molecular diagnostics, as well as on mining and production of new bacterial enzymes from marine bacteria for biotechnological and biomedical applications. Since 2005, he has been contract professor of Applied Microbiology and Laboratory of Genetics at the University of Palermo. Moreover, he has been co-tutor and co-relator of several Diploma Thesis in Biology and Biotechnology
Research Interests:
- Development of improved molecular tools for genetic engineering of GRAS (Generally Recognised As Safe) bacteria, both Gram+ and Gram-, and their exploitation for in vivo expression and delivery of therapeutic molecules (“food-grade” expression), including recombinant antibodies for cancer immunotherapy
• Exploiting of microbial enzymes for regenerative medicine and biomedical applications;
Development of procedures for cell therapy and tissue engineering;
Analysis and targeting of mechanisms involved in virulence of human pathogenic bacteria.