Mr Dario Baluci

Technical assistant with expertise in information systems and services and administration

Technical Collaborator VI LIV

Dario Baluci deals with IT systems and services, personnel management and is the treasurer of the Messina site.

Prior to the activities at IRIB-CNR in Messina, he was technical manager at Reitera Srl in Messina, in the company's flagship projects with the role of project manager and market development of business services, with particular attention to the issues of open innovation and business model innovation. He has realized many ICT projects and services, on multimedia contents, human interfaces and terminals, cloud-based mobile services and distributed database management systems.

The professional experience allowed to acquire remarkable technical skills related to the management of infrastructures, devices and electronic tools, to the design, development and management of IT tools for project management and databases using relational Database Management Systems (DBMS) such as MySql and Sql Server and NoSQL such as MongoDb.

The excellent knowledge of computer tools and programming languages serverside, combined with knowledge and skills in administrative, as well as in technical and scientific, has developed excellent professional skills in data analysis, predictive analysis, scenario studies and business intelligence.

  • Treasurer of the Messina site
  • Responsible for the attendance certificates of the employees of the Messina site
  • Member of the 3rd Mission Group IRIB CNR
  • Administrator and creator of the IRIB CNR Internet portal
  • Administrator and creator of the Messina site
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