Mrs Donatella Spera

Administrative staff

5th level – Administrative Staff, permanent position
• Development of preliminary management plans, budgets and balance sheets.
• Administrative management and accounting of active cycles (recording of revenue, entering and production of active invoices or any other active document).
• Periodic reporting of restricted funds, Regional, Framework Programmes.
• Management of active contracts.
• Supporting Researchers for planning and submitting National and Regional Operational Programme research projects (cross-border Operational Programmes, participation in meetings with National or Regional Authorities).
• Support for project audits of 1st and 2nd level.
• Defining changes in management plans and in residual allocated budgets.
• Closure of suspended financial incomes already assigned to our Administration and identification of suspended financial incomes for assignment to our Administration from the central Administrative Office and proceeds of the sums due for active contracts.
< • Rotation in the Administrative Office of clinics (management of outpatients).
• Assigning the protocol number to the received practices.
• Revision of active and passive residual funds.
• Aligning the accounting records.
• Advice to Researchers.
• Elected member in the Institute Board as representative of Administrative Staff.
• Secretary in evaluation committees for recruitment of Personnel recruitment, following the procedures prescribed for Personnel in temporary position and fellowships.

-Progetto NETTUNIT, Net de l’Environnement Transfrontalière TUNisie-Italie. Appel n. 01/2017
-Progetto NEHO – Neonatal Environment and Health Outcomes.
-Progetto P.O. FSE (2014/2020): “RAFFORZARE L'OCCUPABILITÀ NEL SISTEMA R&S E LA NASCITA DI SPIN OFF DI RICERCA IN SICILIA” : Le biotecnologie per la ricerca traslazionale, preclinica e clinica (BIOMESITRA). CUP: G77B17000220009; CIP: 2014.IT.05.SFOP.014/3/10.4/9.2.10/0013.

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