Dr Pasquale Picone


Researcher of the National Research Council, at the Institute for Biomedical Research and Innovation (IRIB) in Palermo
He graduated in Biological Sciences, biomolecular address, at the University of Palermo, serving at the Institute of Biomedicine and Molecular Immunology of the CNR of Palermo from 2004 to 2011 as a research fellow.
qualified to practice as a biologist and registered in the professional register of the National Order of Biologists.
research activity: use of biomolecular methods for the study of neurodegenerative diseases with particular attention to Alzheimer's disease. The most recent results of his research have shown a close correlation between insulin resistance and Alzheimer's disease. In particular, his results indicating how an alteration of the insulin pathway can be linked to the neurodegenerative process, and an administration of insulin in an Alzheimer's cell system can counteract neuronal death. It also deals with the study of nanotechnological applications that could represent promising targeted and innovative therapies. Applied research in the field of nanotechnology has been developed as a whole: from biocompatibility to potential biomedical applications.
t carries out scientific dissemination and training activities for secondary school teachers and students. In addition, higher education is also carried out for undergraduate and postgraduate students, scholarship holders and Erasmus students.

• Scientific Collaboration Agreement with Nutrigea s.r.l. (Rep. San Marino) "Use of bioactive molecules extracted from the Klamath seaweed, for the development of a therapeutic approach for metabolic diseases associated with neurodegenerative ones: study on a mouse model"
• Scientific Collaboration Agreement with Nutrigea s.r.l. (Rep. San Marino) "Role of Klamath seaweed extracts in diseases related to aging: characterization of bioactive molecules and their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects in a cellular model of AD".
• Scientific Collaboration Agreement with the company Le Farine dei Our Sacchi s.r.l. "Use of natural biomolecules for the production of functional foods"