Dr Rosalia Maria Cristina Pellitteri


Rosalia Maria Cristina Pellitteri graduated in Biological Sciences at University of Catania (1985). She had a PhD in Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry (1988-1991), in this period she attended the Physiological lab. in Cambridge University (UK). She had a PostDoc at the University of Catania (1992-93). In 1995 she had a CNR grant for 18 months at the Institute of Anatomy (University of Genoa). From 2004 to 2009 she held the post of Technologist III level at ISN-CNR. From 2009-present she is Researcher III level at the ISN/IRIB. She has published numerous scientific papers and has participated in several conferences both national and international. She has a teaching role of Neurobiology at Faculty of Sciences-University of Catania. She was member of Institute Council in the period 2009-2019. She is member of the Italian Society of Neuroscience (SINS) and the Italian Group for the Study of Neuromorphology (GISN).

Research Activity
- Phenotypic characterization and protective effects of olfactory glial cells, Olfactory Ensheathing Cells (OECs);
- Protective effect of phyto-molecules (ghrelin, curcumin, indicaxanthin, astaxanthin) on olfactory glial cells (OECs) cultured in vitro exposed to cytotoxicity from beta-amyloid fragments.
- Cyto-compatibility of polymeric nano particles and their uptake at the cellular level, for the intranasal transport of drugs used for the treatment of CNS pathologies (epilepsy). - Biocompatibility between silicon supports and stem cells (dental pulp cells and OECs) as a possible regenerative model in damaged areas of the Nervous System.
- Differentiation of stem cells derived from human adipose tissue stimulated by conditioned media derived from glial cells (OECs and Schwann cells) towards neural phenotypes. -Child abuse and maltreatment: clinical aspects and genetic and epigenetic linkages.DSB.AD005.011 -Clinical, genetic and metabolic linkages of childhood neurological disorders.DSB.AD005.011.003